Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AH. Crawl!

Okay, so I was wrong. (Erin, immediately after I said Eve would crawl first, Lily had to prove me wrong!) Yup, Lily just crawled. To reach a pepperoni wrapper, no less. That's right, an empty wrapper. And here she is!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Some milestones!

All right! Our milestones are Lily-centric. She can now sit up all by herself from a laying/rolling around position. And get DOWN from sitting up without falling. She is SO close to crawling, but still no go there. She can also clap! It's rather cute because she gets soooo excited.

The other news is that the girls officially got their first feel of grass today! It was about 65 outside and we took them out at their grandparents' house and sat them in the grass. Eve wasn't at all thrilled with it, and Lily took a few minutes to warm up to it before proceeding to roll around and sit up and everything. Eve preferred to stand propped against someone. She would tolerate sitting, but didn't want to lay on her tummy. She would turn onto her side and balance herself there, seeming to try and minimize how much of her made contact with the grass.

All right, that's it. Babies are ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyy. So I have to go!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Developmental appointment

Well here I thought the girls were doing great! BUT the developmental people are "worried" and so we got a referral to early intervention. I didn't know there was a specific WAY in which the girls were supposed to be playing, versus just picking things up and moving and toying with them. But I guess there is! So when they focused on one toy, or when they held two but didn't care to "figure out" how to hold a third in front of them, they are considered behind for their adjusted age. Actual is 10 and a few weeks, so adjusted is 8 and a few, nearly 9 months.

Lily plays more, bangs things, slides them around, passes from hand to hand, but doesn't tend to hold one toy in each hand. Eve does much the same, but held things in both hands a little more. So Lily is further behind there, totally not how I figured it!

They aren't making enough sounds either, apparently. They make dada, baba, mama sounds, but no vowel sounds really. It's all so confusing. If they hadn't been NICU babies I doubt we'd even be doing this.

It remains to be seen whether early intervention will deem them eligible when they come evaluate them. We'll have to wait and see next week. Of course, I'm WORKING next week, go figure.

So yeh, they aren't as caught up as we thought they'd be and they want us back in 6 months at developmental. They didn't comment on head size or anything, so I'm guessing that is good to go seeing as they did measure them. And they didn't think they would be eligible for any physical therapy assistance, just possibly speech and play therapy. THANKFULLY, EI is at home, so I wouldn't have to lug them into an office for that. And hey, if they are eligible, perhaps I would have something to look forward to that would break the monotony of the week.

Anyone have EI experience that they can share?