Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few pics and an update

First, the update. Evie's neurology appointment was fine. She actually only went from 50 to 50 1/4 cm in the 6 weeks since the last appointment, and is still on "her" curve -- albeit way over the normal curves. We go back in 3 months for another check. The appointment would have been fine, if we didn't have to wait 45 minutes. I had both girls, by myself, and they played like angels for the first like 35 minutes. Evie would take her two balls to the nearest other patient and hand one to them. Then take it back and hand them the other. And keep doing it. And doing it. And yeh, doing it again. One old man was having a great time. Lily sat at the little table and chairs nearly the whole time and played with the same toy, over and over again. Then, they got tired. And cranky. And by the time we were called in, Evie was rolling around on the ground yelling and Lily was climbing everything in sight -- the chair, the stool, the other chair, crawling under the desk. It was nuts.

Ok, enough of that. Some pictures!!!
I don't exactly remember what the heck had them laughing so hard, but I THINK it was the cats when we first got them and the girls weren't used to seeing them running around.

NOW, they are quite used to them and Blue will sleep anywhere. Lily didn't seem to mind. She just pet her a little and the cat was in kitty heaven. I'm glad the girls know not to grab and smack the cats.

AND Evie. What can you say about her? She climbed into that toy basket all by herself and was just happily watching Pooh entirely too close to the television. I don't know HOW that could be remotely comfortable with all those hard toys in there, but she was content.

Friday, November 14, 2008

New trick...

I was making the girls grilled cheese, and apparently Evie knew it was time to eat.

She pushed a box over to her highchair and proceeded to climb into it. I went in to put them in their chairs and saw her sitting there, not buckled in, and asked Eric if he had put her in. Nope. She'd done it all herself. Evie was obviously happy with herself, sitting there swinging her legs and looking at me. I put the tray on and then Lily, using the same box, decided I wasn't quick enough and SHE climbed into HER chair too. LOVELY. At least they like them, right?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New words/actions

"Buh" means "bye" -- at least to Evie.

Today she started waving and saying "buh" "buh" and it was very cute! It's pretty consistent too, she did it a number of times. Not always in response to the first FIVE times you say "bye bye", but eventually, she usually does say it and wave. She also learned a new, not-so-nice trick today -- climbing onto a kitchen chair and then climbing onto the kitchen table! She did it again and again, no matter how many times you pulled her off. She can also climb on the end of the recliner, and will if you are sitting in it. Oh, and Evie loves to make a loud, drawn out "oooohhh" sound now too. I almost think she was trying to say "more" the other day, but not sure about that. We're still working on "mama" and "dada" too. No go there.

As for Lily, well, she MIGHT now understand what you want when you say, "Give me a kiss." She sometimes leans her head in toward your face. She doesn't actually kiss or anything, but it's a start. She's great at climbing into recliners too. At home, she'll climb on the recliner and then nosedive across the arm onto the couch and climb across that too. At Grandma and Grandpa's, she climbs on the fireplace hearth and then into the rocking chair recliner and then stands on that to turn the light switch on and off. She isn't doing the "buh" "buh" thing, but she is making all sorts of other noises.

They are both making a lot more noise than they used to so I guess the next step is to get the noises to become words and real sounds!

On another note, we'll be going to the new pediatrician Friday. Finally... and Evie has another neurology appointment on the 19th. We'll hope that is just another in and out appointment. She's gone up .5 cm in weeks. And Lily has gone up the same...sooo....yeh.