Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Right as rain

The illness is through, thankfully. It didn't get much worse than the occassional coughing and a little runny nose. We were fortunate I guess!

I can't really believe how fast these kids develop. It's like they get on a roll and NOTHING stands in their way! They both cruise all along the couch or the futon in the music room. And they are doing all right pushing a table along the ground and walking behind it. A few weeks ago I was worried that they weren't really crawling! Now...just TRY to catch them if you don't notice they are crawling away fast enough! I can't count how many time the girls have dumped the dog's water bowl all over their legs.

Last night was so much fun. We finished putting our music room back together (sans door/window/baseboard trim...) and I was sitting at the drum kit and just banging the bass drum and the both of them were laughing like crazy. Lily actually grabbed hold of it and stood there, leaning against it and laughing. She loved it! I'm not much of a drummer, I can only do REALLY simple things, but the girls liked it and kept laughing. I'll have to find the camera and post a picture of the room. It came out pretty nice! Not really baby-friendly, what with the 5-guitar stand that they can easily get to and knock over, but it is all right if we are right there.

I'm a bit bored right now, so I'm going to take a "leaf" out of a few other people's blogs and answer some questions people might be interested in asking me. I have a weird schooling background, and tons of cool stories from my time on the training ship (about 2 months...) so ask away! Anything (within reason, people ;-) )

And lastly, here is the picture I took for the girls' birthday announcement in the newspaper. It took ages to get them to somewhat cooperate. Eish...


Debra said...

My question is:

How did you and dh meet?

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

OMG, the girls are SO cute! I want to nibble on them! I'm glad they're feeling better.

Here's my question: Would you rather be Wonder Woman or The Bionic Woman?

Here's another one: The Love Boat or Fantasy Island?

Jaime said...

I'm going to stick with my usual ? I like to ask people: What's the best money you've ever spent?

Jaime said...

And you're girls are absolutely adorable:)