Friday, May 9, 2008

This question thingy

I'm bored, figured I'd participate...

4 things I was doing 10 years ago (1998):
♥ I was still in high school, didn't graduate until 2000
♥ In April of 98 I began my training in Tae Kwon Do (I'm a third degree black belt now)
♥ Preparing for a band trip to Germany that would last two weeks (ended up being totally awesome!)
♥ I turned 16 that August

4 things I was doing 5 years ago (2003):
♥ bought our first house that November
♥ turned 21 in August and went to Ozzfest in Pennsylvania that day
♥ got my second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
♥ working hard at college on my journalism degree

4 things I did yesterday
:♥ had a horrid migraine and slept a lot
♥ wrote a little of my fanfiction story
♥ started making my mother's day presents for my mom and mom-in-law
♥ rocked a cranky, teething baby to sleep

4 shows I love to watch: (since I don't have television, I don't watch tv regularly, but I love these series')
♥ the pretender
♥ hannah montana
♥ seaquest
♥ dukes of hazzard

4 things that make me really happy:
♥ going into the nursery in the morning and finding both my girls standing in the cribs and having them laugh and smile at me
♥ a hike in the spring when all the green starts to show on the trees
♥ reading a wonderful fanfiction story
♥ getting reviews on stories i've written

I'm not going to tag anyone as most people I visit in the blogosphere have already done this. But if you haven't, do it if you want to and consider yourself tagged!


Jocasta and Wayne said...

I didn't realise that you were so young (compared to me that is!) I couldn't have handed kids at 26 I was still so irresponsible!

Erin said...

For some reason when I talk, chat, hang out with people I always just assume everyone is my age! Makes me feel old to think that in 98 you were 16 and I was already having babies! LOL
So whats with the fanfiction?
what is it and where do you post them?

Kate said...

LOL, a lot of times people do mistake me for older. I don't THINK I act older, really...

Fanfiction is my favorite genre of writing. Fans of movies, books, television shows, comic books, anything really, take the creator's characters and write their own stories with them. Hence, "fan" "fiction". Of course we write disclaimers and make no money off them.

I've written predominantly in the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fandoms. I have one Dukes of Hazzard half-finished story and some Harry Potter fics I haven't posted.

Know what, I'm going toblog about it for you guys who are interested!!! My fics are mostly under the penname "gwenneth" on

Connie said...

Kate you are such a baby!! I always forget how old I am...until I find out people actually graduated high school in 2000!!! Wow. Thanks for the little tutorial in fanfiction....sorry I shouldn't have called you a baby...but I'm turning 40 this year, and I'm just stunned.

Kate said...

Hey, no worries about the baby comment! Gimme 10 years and I'll be looking at 20-somethings' blogs and saying the same thing!

Kellan said...

What a fun meme! I loved walking into the nursery and seeing my girls standing up in their cribs too - talking across the room to each other (I have some of those precious conversations on tape).

Your baby girls are so beautiful - just precious!! My twins are also monoamniotic - 16 years old now. So nice to meet you Kate. I hope to see more of you. Have a good Mother's Day - see you - Kellan