Saturday, June 28, 2008


Many who own cats have probably found them with a bird or mouse dangling from their mouths, calmly waiting to be let into the house (*ya-right, not happening) or prancing around with their catch.

Well, meet OUR new kitten -- as she was dubbed by Eric:

Evie has taken to carrying things around in her mouth. Just like a kitten would do! So far I've found the two pictures, a little bird she carries around by the tail feathers, stuffed babydolls, stuffed butterflies, teething toys, anything she has the jaw power to carry. It's rather cute actually.

BUT on the flip-side. I have removed all kinds of paper, plastic, bits of STUFF I can't identify from its resting place in the roof of her mouth. Yup, the other day she was EATING andI got to the fifth spoon full and noticed something peeking out her mouth. YEH, she was storing it up thereto chew after her meal or something.

Thank goodness Lily doesn't have a chew/dangle-things-from-mouth fetish too or I'd be totally grey by now.

So Lily doesn't feel left out, here is a Lily-bad-hair-day photo (she was REALLY grumpy and just woke up):


jenni anne said...

haha. that is so funny. what a quirky little girl! i love the grump photo of lily, too!

Connie said...

That is so cute Kate....and so sensible of her to carry things around like that! And love the bad Lily has those moments too.

Kellan said...

So darling - both of them and this was an adorable post!!

Hope you had a good weekend - Kellan

girlytwins said...

So funny. I love the silly things my girls do at certain times too.