Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's this tab do?

Most mornings, the girls wake me up with their "chatting". Nothing too noisy, upset-sounding or worrying. But today I was pulled from slumber by the distinct sound of hysterical, tears-pouring-out-of-someone's-eyes crying.

I jumped out of bed and still blurry-eyed flung open the door to see what was wrong. Lily was fine, standing up as usual. Evie, on the other hand, was wrapped up in her blanket and bawling. When I got to her, she was sitting up in her blankets. When I removed them I found her problem.

Her butt was in the bare. She had taken her diaper off at some point and she was very upset about it! I didn't see any mess in the bed, but she didn't calm down until I got her another diaper downstairs.

It's not funny, really it's not, but I'm still laughing. It's not everyday I walk in to see a naked little butt sans diaper. After a little searching I found the diaper behind the crib. Thank goodness it wasn't poopy, right!? Or was it? ANd she ... gulp ... got hungry. Oh holy crap that is a scary thought.

Better go stop her from stealing her sister's bottle. Thought I'd share that!!!


Lindsey said...

Well you may not have been a blog reader when my twins were taking of their diapers and make terrible messes. That stage was the worst ever! We had to use duct tape and safety pins every night or nap.

It's so funny she was so sad.

Laura said...

Sorry it's Laura.

Erin said...

oh Lordie! you have a dag gone Houdini in your house! ;)
I love it... I just love it! (although I'm sure I won't love it as much when it is my turn to deal with it!)

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Too funny! Sunny has started taking her diaper off, too. She peed on the floor and I stepped in it because I couldn't see it. There's nothing like soggy socks. I put pull-ups on her now so she'll keep it on.

Debra said...

ROFL!!!!! You got lucky mama!!!!!

jenni anne said...

haha. i've had a few bare butt mornings with my girls. but there is usually poop involved too. yuck!

Connie said...

Whew...luckt no poop involved...I have to say, I've been very lucky so far, but I looooooooooooove onesies.