Friday, September 12, 2008

Not so good news

The CT scan was easy as pie. Thankful for that.

But the results showed there is excess fluid. I'm trying to get a confirmation that it is OUTSIDE or AROUND the brain, not inside, which is the worse of the two. Doctors take forever and a day to call back. If they haven't gone home already. We go back to ped on Tuesday to "talk" and have to go to a neurologist for a consultation. We can expect more CT scans in the future. And the likilhood they'll be as easy as this one? Don't know. There was no contrast for this one.

First momos, then the debacle with Lily in NICU and now this. I thought we were finished and could go on and be happy and normal, but NO, not us. I'm so very ready to get goods news right now. I just want this stupid fluid to GO AWAY on its own. I don't care how, evaporate, drain, whatever, but GO AWAY. If it's around the outside, supposedly it can. But he head has gotten bigger each measurement. So whether that means the fluid has increased or not, I don't nkow. I suppose we'll be needing CT scans on a schedule to determine that. I HATE THIS. Simple as that.

I'm pretty sure the doctor said it was around, so we aren't the worst case scenario. I was so hoping that it was just a big head, like so many of our relatives have. I suppose i was hoping we would have dimo twins to, but that never happened, I shouldn't be that surprised.

Prayers are greatly, greatly appreciated.


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Oh no! I was hoping it would be nothing. Prayers sent your way!

Lala said...

Don't worry Kate I've already got prayers flooding your way!
I am so sorry that the test results came out that way, but like you said hopefully they were correct in saying it was just around and it might go away on its own.
Did they happen to mention why this happens or what it does? Anyways.. just wondering! Give the girls big hugs and kisses! Keep your chin up and keep us posted!!

Jaime said...

I am so sorry you have to deal with this! I hope it can resolve on it's own! Try not to stress (way easier said than done!) and enjoy your weekend. Hopefully you can get answers on Monday. ((hugs))

Laura said...

Oh no I am sorry to read this! You have every right to feel its time to catch a break!

I hope its easy to figure out and treat. I certainly will keep her in my prayers.

Keep us posted!