Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here are a few pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes. We aren't going OUT this Halloween, but my mother brought these from Florida so we put them on and the girls ran around in them. I don't have time to post much else, so hopefully this will hold you all over for a bit.


Jocasta said...

So cute, so cute, so cute!

girlytwins said...

So adorable. We have a lion this Halloween too :) Happy Halloween!!!

auntie kathy said...

Kate I am so glad that you got the holloween outfits that I sent for the girls,I thought that your mother gave them to you last year when I bought them for you. I hate to waste money on things that nobody uses, so I was delighted to see how very cute they looked. Hope to see you soon. LOVE AUNTIE KATHY