Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunny Florida...and Happy Father's Day

Since the girls and I are in Florida, we are going to post a bunch of pictures and videos on here for Daddy back home in New York. The girls are enjoying their kitchen, little red car and the swimming pool. Oh, and the black ottoman box that they can get into...

First up: The Box. Two shots, one of them both sitting and one of them both standing.

And this is the little red car. We have to avoid letting them buy a red car when they are of driving age, otherwise we'll have little speed demons on our hands!

This is Lily, laughing so hard her eyes were closed (I wasn't my crappy camera skills.)

And this is the both of them with little duckies that my father got from the pool place as a little free gift for Father's Day.

AND lastly, a video.

This is the girls in the pool!

Just follow the link, my computer is being stupid...

More to come!!!

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girlytwins said...

So cute. Happy father's day!