Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Naples Zoo and some other stuff

Well, the girls went to their first zoo yesterday. My father and I took them to the Naples Zoo in Florida. It went -- OK. Since my Dad is a veteran, he got in for free that day and I got in for a $11.95 as a veteran's dependent (though I'm NOT, since I'm 26!). The girls were free. That was a plus, since pretty much all the animals were asleep and the girls couldn't see them since they weren't moving. (Or maybe they saw, but weren't interested!)

It was also 94 degrees and BRIGHT and SUNNY. I managed to avoid them getting sunburned, but neglected myself and got a little burned. I also managed to leave their sippy cups in the car, so we gave them each a can of lemonade and they spilled a bit at first, but when it got a little less full they were able to drink well from those.
The girls LOVED the fish and turtles in a pond that you walked over -- of course that was all free since it was at the entrance to the zoo! They also liked the zebras, which moved, and a swinging monkey. The only other animal that they could see was the bears, which started to wake up and move before the bear show. Other than that? Nada.
Here is the ONE good picture we got of the girls peering at the massive fish and turtles just below the pond surface:

Lily is on the left. There is also some video, but not the kind I can put on here. Here are a few other pictures just because...

Lily kissing Evie. Evie didn't complain too much!

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