Thursday, March 13, 2008

What we've been doing

Two new things for the girls. The first, I whipped out the "CAGE" as I call it. Here it is in all its baby-filled glory...

the CAGE (ehem baby gate)

At first, the girls were looking at me through the holes like "Mom, what the heck is this thing and why are WE inside and you're not?" Then they just went about their business and played and rolled around. I had them sitting up in it with pillows too, but not in the picture. Lily can sit up for like 45 minutes without any trouble now. Eve CAN, but she seems to like her tummy more. Funny that, she used to be our tummy time trouble maker.

The other little development in our house, Evie's beginning to undress herself. Okay, okay, she pulls her arm out of her shirt if it is loose enough and longsleeved. Here she is, happily chewing on it after getting it off her arm...

halfway there

About it on the news end. Both girls are just eating and playing away the days. They've gotten pretty good about sleeping when I put them down for naps (two a day and sometimes a Lily falling asleep in the bouncer chair...)

We go to the developmental pediatrician on April 4. I can't wait to see where they stand now. They were both low normal for their adjusted age in November. I'm hoping they are close to their actual age now. But having no other kids of our own to base things on, we have NO idea. And every kid is different anyway, right!?


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Good luck at the pediatrician's appt.

From the Board said...

SO cute!

I used to LOVE having the Superyard. It protected my home from Seek and Destroy. Now, they know how to scale it. YES, they climb over it! I put it around my kids computer desk to protect their computer their grandparents bought them for Christmas. They have figured out how to get in it now. They push their little bikes over to it and climb over it using the seat of their bikes.

You just WAIT!