Monday, July 14, 2008

One step at a time ... or not

Today was GREAT. Evie is now taking not one, not two, not three or four, but FIVE TO SIX steps on her own! You can just tell she WANTS to walk because she will falter and look about to sit down, but STOP herself and stay standing and then keep taking steps. She is going to be walking in no time! I really think so! She is starting to do it even just in the midst of play, not to a person when coaxed.

Lily on the other hand, has NO interest it seems. She just lunges forward toward you or goes to her knees. She is doing better walking with one hand held instead of two. But I think she is always in such a hurry that she tries to walk too fast and falls. So she does bother trying... That's my thoughts anyway!

They are doing so well right now! Things are coming together. And it's funny that is has been a few days since their original due date when I was thinking about their development and presto, it feels like they are moving better already. Even the speech therapist said they are chewing wonderfully, starting to take an interest in imitating our actions, not words or sounds yet, but hey, something it better than nothing. And I SWEAR today when we got home I was repeating HOME to Evie and she came out with "ome" twice in a row. I didn't think it was a coincidence, she was looking out the car window and staring at the was so cool!

Now, on to "mama", "dada" and walking!


Jocasta said...

That's such great news. Soon they are going to be running rings around you and you will look back and think it was very peaceful when they didn't move!

Connie said...

I'm not feeling like I'm minding the crawling right now... I'm kind of missing the sitting and smoling phase! Go Evie!

Lala said...

hey five or six steps to me WOULD be walking ;)
I can't believe how much they change in just a couple weeks ya know?! (well even daily they are changing! *sigh*)
All we got right now is BA BA BA screaming at the tops of their lungs! But I am not rushing them, because as sweet as it is to hear them talking.. it is just one step closer to them learning how to talk back! HAHA

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

That's how my girls were. Elle wanted to get moving, but Sunny preferred to either walk on her knees (or better yet, be carried! lol! She's no dummy.). I really thought Sunny would take much longer to walk, but when Elle decided to walk full-time I guess Sunny figured she had better walk, too. So, she just got up and did it. I wouldn't be surprised if Lily does something similar. Its almost as if when Ellie started walking, Sunny said, Hey, I can do that too!!

jenni anne said...

my girls were like that too. johanna was walking for a couple weeks before rosella gave it a real try. but rosella got the hang of it a lot quicker. i think she watched her sister make all the mistakes, and learned from that!

girlytwins said...

My girls were the same. Addee was walking for a bit before Charlotte even tried then one day Charlotte just took off. Yea girls!!