Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wake UP!

Since both girls seem to be REALLY awake at their bedtime, I am going to try to get them up earlier in the morning. Apparently they are sort of up around 9:30, but don't CRY until 10:30 sometimes 11 now. They fall back asleep! And i think that might be making them stay up later and later, which is becoming a problem. So I went in and got them this morning at 9:30 and they are eating now at 10. Instead of up at 10:30, eating at 11. The hour might help, who knows. They seem happy about it. Tonight will probably tire them out anyway because Eric and I are going out somewhere for Valentines Day and dropping them off at their grandparents' house. So it is going to be a long night for them (and us...) We aren't sure where we are going yet but we'll find something.

Right now I have to get the place semi-cleaned up for when (or if at this point) the hazard insurance claims adjuster comes to check out our water damage. We had a mini-Niagara Falls in the house. This one wall, which is partially redone, has a cascade of water running through it. If we hadn't had a piece of sheetrock off still, we would only have see the water seeping through the joints and not the extent of how MUCH water is really running through the wall. It was literally a constant drip that filled about 6 full sized bath towels during the day yesterday before it slowed down. And this is drenching 100+ year old wood framing! So I called the insurance company, because it is OBVIOUSLY a roof leak. They said to get a contractor in here and fix the leak (patch, whatever) asap. Of course the company I've contacted has YET to call me back. If they don't respond by noon or 1ish, I am going to have to call someone else. ERic's father is a contractor, but we're afraid having the same last name as the contractor we hire might jeopardize the claim or something. I'M worried that not getting the leak fixed NOW is going to jeopardize it. We probably have like 48 hours from the leak's discovery or some crazy, impossible-to-obey rule like that. It be so LIKE the insurance industry.

Anyway, the girls are playing on the floor between a bunch of pillows. It's the best way to keep them from toppling. They CAN sit up for a long time, but if they get overzealous they fall over and bang their head and get upset and I might as well build them a pillow-fort! If I locate the camera cable, I COULD post pictures. But I can't seem to find it right now.


I'm AZ said...

We had a 100+ year old house, too (130 to be exact) and we LOVED it, but it drained us financially. THat's one reason why we're back in CHicago. We bought it as a fixer upper, but didn't realize it'd need so much fixing up!!

My girls went through a weird sleeping phase where they'd wake up at 5 am and stay up for a half hour and then fall back asleep until 9 or 10am. It was nice! But now they're up at 6 or 7 am and then nap around 11 or noon. I'm terrible at nap and bed time. I don't know how Luke survived with my terrible nap and bedtime parenting skills!! lol! Luckily my husband is usually here to put them in bed. I need to be more strict at bedtime. My kids think I'm a lot of fun so why go to sleep. Or they just know they can push me around when it comes to bedtime!

Debra said...

Oh man... it seems like you have little party animals there. Staying up late, sleeping late. Unless you are ok with it, I would start changing it 1/2 hr at a time. Wake them up (I know.. CRAZY!) 1/2 hr earlier, then follow the same routine. The next week, another 1/2 hr earlier, etc.,.. till you get the schedule YOU like them to be on. my boys get up between 5:30-6:30, then nap at 10-1, then go to bed at 7:30. It is what works for us.