Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jars of fun

Since the girls are over 6 1/2 months adjusted age, we have branched out on our jar food into the 2nd foods category. Though we still use 1st foods too. We've been going at this off and on because the babies just weren't getting it, but today they did well so we will try more. We are giving the rice cereal and applesauce a try since they haven't had trouble with rice cereal before. Next we think we'll try the sweet peas. Ped said we could start with "yellow veggies" and rice cereal, then try green veggies. So that's sort of what we are doing. But as some of you know, our ped isn't the greatest and we plan on changing so any feeding tips or advice from you more experience moms would be most welcome.

Lily has the whole open her mouth thing down pat, but Eve keeps her mouth sealed around her tongue, which she sticks out and tries to lick the spoon with. Sometimes she'll open her mouth and get the spoonful easily but most of the time it's not so simple! I'm hoping she figures it out better soon. I honestly don't think my girls would STOP eating if given a chance to keep going. SO, if I give them each a half a jar of 2nd foods, which are bigger than the Beech Nut 1st food jars and then give them 4 ounces of formula, is that too much or too little, do you think? They yelled for a minute after the bottles then were fine. So I don't know if they were still hungry or had had enough and were justbeing buttheads.

Thankfully, though Eve doesn't open her mouth much, they also don't spit the food back out and make a royal mess. There was some food on their bibs, but nothing major. We'll see what happens when we find a food they don't like too much. (Wondering if it will be peas. Dad doesn't like peas!)

Nothing particularly funny today yet. It's a cleaning day. I find it much easier to clean up when I have my husband here because then we are both doing something and its harder to slack off without feeling like a total idiot or lazy lump! And it's more entertaining for the girls, I guess, because they are content to play and watch us so we don't have to do much with them.


I'm AZ said...

Today was my cleaning day, too. The only difference is my mom came over. My husband was working... he doesn't clean well anyway and usually just annoys me, so its good he wasn't here!

jenni anne said...

good luck with the 2nd foods! it too my girls FOREVER (it seemed like!) to eat those foods. they were primarily on breast milk/ formula and oatmeal until they were one!! good luck!