Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The pediatrician

Today was our February RSV shot appointment and I had forgotten how HEAVY it is to carry two babies in their carriers, along with a diaper bag that kept falling off my shoulder until I put it over my head -- where it proceeded to strangle me instead. Then the pediatrician's office can't have one entrance door, NO it has to have one door then a SECOND door to the right, so I have to bang into walls getting through the two of them and there is no chance the girls would remain asleep after I do that!

I get there 15 minutes early -- and end up waiting over half an hour because the previous baby has asthma and the doctor had to describe how to use the nebulizer thingy, and call the pharmacy, and so on and so forth. So I had my girls sitting on blankets on the bench because they were NOT about to sit in their carriers quietly for half an hour! I didn't let them touch anything but their blanket. When it was our turn, I lugged them into the office and learned I was now lugging 44 pounds of baby around, as they each weigh 22 pounds!

THe RSV dose they need now is large, so they get it in two shots. One in each arm. And when I'm trying to hold two babies, one who is getting shots, it isn't that easy. I gave Lily to the receptionist, Anna, to hold while we finished up with Eve. And now we have to go BACK next week bcause the snow prevented the lab from picking up blood samples so the girls didn't get their 9-month blood draw. UGH.

I got some samples of formula, the Enfamil concentrated liquid, and then had to figure out how to add THAT to my load when I was leaving. Thankfully a pharmaceutical rep was there and offered to carry it and open the doors for me. That was VERY nice! I wish more people were nice like that! I drow home in the HUGE snowflake flurries, which got heavier as we went. Now it is really snowing and I'm glad I don't have anywhere else to go. The babies aren't that grouchy, considering they got RSV shots. YAY I might give them a nice warm bath later and sit down and read or something. But right now, food...must make me some food. A pic...for you loyal readers.
Lily wouldn't fall asleep so I gave her a toy mirror to play with. I went back in a few minutes later and found her like this. I guess maybe she felt like she was sleeping with Eve?? :-)


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

What a sweet photo!!! We didn't get RSV shots this year and so far, so good. But I also didn't take the kids out much!! Just in case! You should carry them around for an hour every day and do squats while holding them...there's your workout!! LOL!!

Kate said...

Hey, not a bad idea! I need a workout because I weigh MORE than i did prepregnancy and I hate it SOOO much. I feel like I have no energy. (That could be from bad eating/not eating and the depression too though...) Glad you liked it!

jenni anne said...

what a great picture! man, i do NOT miss those monthly rsv shots, that's for sure!

girlytwins said...

That picture is so sweet. Your girls are so adorable. I LOVE their cheeks.
Wow 22lbs. My Charlotte doesn't even weigh 22lbs. at 2 years old. LOL. Can I have some of whatever you are feeding your girls.

You are amazing for taking your girls to the Dr. alone. I still don't go alone :) You rock!

Kate said...

Yeh I've heard a lot of preemies don't weigh as much as our girls at 1 and 2 years old! I'm thinking they have to slow down eventually. They gain about a pound a month right now...and I don't THINK they eat a ton! Then again, they are our first kids so who knows! Glad you liked the pic! And the cheeks seem to be a favorite!

Laura said...

That picture is pretty amazing! I hated RSV shots. If getting there and getting them undressed and ready wasn't hard enough then you deal with shots and we always had to wait 30 minutes before leaving. Those days always took everything out of me and my girls!