Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Teething and sleep

Lily is miserable. Completely. She is still up and everytime I put her in bed she screams and screams and screams and chews her hand. This is worse than her cutting the two bottom teeth. Did anyone notice certain teeth coming through produced more crying and fussiness than others? I'm not able to figure out where this one is coming through, but I have never had such a problem getting her to sleep! She ate at 9 p.m., we took her back down at 11 p.m. and gave her a 5 ounce bottle. It's a quarter to 1 a.m. and she is still fussing. She is obviously exhausted! It might be a Tylenol night...though I am loathe to do it.

I had a hard day today and another "Zero Motivation" day to fret over. I couldn't get going. It didn't help that I had a migraine from about 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Or that I feel like hubby's actions and attitude are screaming, you stay home all day but do nothing, you are a lazy worthless ass. He doesn't SAY that, but I feel like he is thinking and sometimes I feel it myself. I am going to do something tomorrow, I am going to do something tomorrow. Really. We'll see if I do when I post tomorrow night. I think half my prob is the TV which I watch movies, DVDs of shows -- and the computer, which I live on. Perhaps I have to unplug the TV or have Eric take the remotes to work. Of put my computer away or something so I can avoid the temptation. AHHHHHHH.

And I caught a cute baby sleeping picture I"ll try to post tomorrow as well. I'll take ANY advice on getting a move on. Thanks to Debra for her advice on the original post. Keep it coming, whoever gets on here.


jenni anne said...

one of my girls ALWAYS teethes badly, but they both had a really hard time when their molars came it. they are so big, i can understand why! i found the hardest ones to be their pointy eye teeth, cause they kept falling and cutting their lips on them! i thought i might have to file them down or something! luckily, the theething phase DOES pass!

Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by! I THINK Lil's tooth is a bottom one, not directly next to the front two, but one or two away. I finally got her to sleep at around 1 a.m. again, poor little thing. I guess we are in for more teething troubles later on, but it gets us one step closer to the whole real food thing! Which will be SO much nicer than the billion bucks we spend on formula every week!

I'm AZ said...

I left all 3 kids with my husband one afternoon to get a hair cut and when I came back he said he'll never ask me what I do all day. Luke was standing on his train table in only a pull-up and a t-shirt yelling "choo-choo", Elle was crying and her diaper wasn't on properly and Sunny was sitting in her swing looking at my husband with pity. I just laughed.

Kate said...

Oh boy, I find myself excited about the "bigger twins antics" but also dreading it!!! I'm sure I'll have stories to tell eventually. We shall see the truth to the "twinado" term eventually I guess!