Thursday, February 7, 2008

Timer work

So, I gave Debra's timer cleaning a try and did pretty well. Of course that's probably because we had a horrible night and I didn't want to deal with it again tonight, so this was a way of trying to avoid it. The girls were pretty cooperative, took two nice long naps and didn't fuss much. They tend to be worse at night. My frustration for today stems from the fact I can't cook for my LIFE! I'm still waiting for the meal to finish in the oven and it has been 45 minutes. So much for the 30 minutes that it was supposed to take. MY Pink meat isn't done... Sometimes it just gets So depressing when you try and don't get a good outcome. I have made this before and it has been great, but this time is a doozy.

I'm currently looking for a good, salty potato salad recipe. I had one that I made for a bridal shower and everyone went nutters over. But I proceeded to lose it! I haven't been able to locate it again, so I keep looking. I know it has vinegar and used red potatos...but that's SO MANY potato salads! LOL, I'll be looking til I'm 50.

Aside from that cooking frustration today has been a decent day. We have the receipt for the carseats and are going to return them and get ones that rear-face until 35 pounds. HOPEFULLY it will work out all right! The girls have a month or so use left in the infant seats, so we have that long to get and install new seats.

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Debra said...

YEAH!! I am SO glad it worked for you. I guess it is the kid in us that likes competing with the timer. Last night, Dh was with oldest ds at a hockey game. I had the other 4. I had them all in bed asleep by 7:30. Then I saw the house. UGH. I had been working all day already: 7 loads of laundry all done and put away, the dining room, living room, family room, etc.. All was clean except the kitchen. I was not feeling well, but I talked myself into setting the timer for 10 minutes. I promised myself I would stop as soon as it went off. I had about 3 dishes left when the timer went off. I was SO proud of myself for doing it. I was able to wake up to a clean house. It was GREAT! Of course it is 10:30am and treashed already. Oh well. I'll set the timer tonight and do it all over again! LOL